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Robert Pothier, Esq

Robert Pothier, Esq

Attorney in the Advanced Planning Group

Robert Pothier is an Attorney in the Advanced Planning Group for  Cetera Financial Group, a leading network of independent broker-  dealer firms. The platform is the second largest independent  financial advisor network in the nation by number of advisors, as well  as a leading provider of retail services to the investment programs of  banks and credit unions.

Robert is responsible for providing specialized advice and support to financial professionals. His area of expertise include: retirement  planning, estate planning, charitable planning, and federal income  taxation.

Prior to joining Cetera, Robert was an advanced planning attorney  with Pacific Life and John Hancock Financial. Robert is known for  his industry expertise, communication skills and his ability to develop  relationships with financial professionals and clients alike. He has  traveled extensively with field wholesalers, delivered seminars and  presentations for financial professionals and their clients.

Robert holds a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School, and a B.A.  from Boston College majoring in political science, both located in  Massachusetts. Robert is a CFP® and a member of the  Massachusetts Bar Association.