A Message from Nohemy Montes, J.D., President


Please Note: New Office Address:

1755 Telstar Dr. Suite 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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Welcome to Mont Wealth sm

2018 is a year we need to update our financial strategy. 

Not only do we have new tax laws but also effective June 4th. we have legislative updates for the State of Colorado Pension, PERA. How does that impact retireees and participants? Let's find out and develop a plan! 

I take pride in our experience, process, technology, committment, and passion to serve you. We are devoted to provide you with a personalized strategy. We wish to walk with you on your journey as your financial advisor to persue not only your financial freedom in the future but also for today. 

Relax and let us work for you! We appreciate the opportunity of letting our team of investment executives at Mont Wealthsm guide you. We have earned your trust and we are eager to keep it!. Our day-to-day duediligence and our long term strategy seals our promise to effectively lead your path to your financial goals.

I encourage you to visit our site often and use the tools and articles provided.  Give us a call to gain more information on any particular area of your interest. 

I will be happy to discuss how we create a personalized plan that works for you.  


My Best To You,