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We support your goals, and to that end we offer straight forward price structure options to fit your needs. Our managed wealth (assets under management*) fees range from 0.5 - 1.50%.   Our cost-benefit approach makes sense to our long-term multigenerational family clients and organizations receiving ongoing tax advantaged planning and effective wealth management and growth over the years.  Planning & Advisory (Individual and Corporate) annual fees range from $3,800 - $15,000.  Legacy Membership** is $250 per month with a minimum of 24 months. Join the Mont WealthSM family of clients who are already engaging The Confident Wealth ExperienceTM. We are happy to be a part of your team of Advisors! 

*Minimum investment is $750,000 

**Legacy Membership is extended only to clients' immediate family members

Advisory services may only be offered by Investment Adviser Representatives in connection with an appropriate Cetera Advisors LLC Advisory Services Agreement and disclosure brochure as provided.