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01 June
Estate & Wealth Planning Strategies that Help Protect Your Assets


We Will Discuss:

  • A Holistic Approach: See how collaboration
    between an estate planning attorney and a
    professional financial planner ensures a
    comprehensive strategy that integrates legal
    and financial aspects.
  • Optimizing Wealth for You and for Your
    Future Generations: Learn how combining
    expertise in estate planning with wealth
    planning strategies can empower your decision
  • Asset Protection: Understanding both estate
    and financial planning can help safeguard
    assets from potential risks and protect against
    unforeseen events.
  • Confidence: Understand how you can benefit
    from the assurance that your estate and
    retirement plans are meticulously crafted and
    legally sound, reducing uncertainty and stress.
    Trusting Relationship: Building a relationship
    with both professionals fosters ongoing support
    and adjustments as financial and legal needs
    evolve over time.
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Taxes: Learn how
    combining expertise allows for effective legacy
    planning, ensuring that your values, wishes,
    and assets are preserved and passed to future

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Date and Time

Sat, Jun 01, 2024

10:00a - 12:00p MST


Flying Horse Resort & Club - Thomas Blake Ballroom

1880 Weiskopf Point
Colorado Springs , CO 80921
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