Our Process

When you think of creating a financial plan for you and your family, you want to seek leadership in management and execution for the protection and growth of your wealth and legacy.  At Mont Wealthsm, we offer you all these attributes plus the knowledge and experience to measure and optimize your plan because we believe that which can't be measured can't be managed nor optimized.

The process is simple for you but fully backed by independent Mont Wealth's Team of advisors and its local, national and global partners, which are leaders in the investment services industry, including but not limited to Global AXA Group, AIG, John Hancock®, Legg Mason, Capital Group®, SEI, Allianz, and Jackson®.

The 5 simple steps are to:

  1. Discover your goals and needs;
  2. Conduct a financial analysis;
  3. Provide you with a selected range of solutions;
  4. Arm you with the knowledge needed to make your decisions; and
  5. Periodically monitor and measure the progress while utilizing step one all over again to continuously update your objectives.